KMNR Network Resources and IT Services, Richmond VA
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Company Profile

Founded in 2003, KMNR strives to be a company that provides affordable, comprehensive, and memorable IT services to businesses throughout the Richmond and Charlottesville areas. KMNR has provided services to companies of all sizes ranging from small office settings, to large corporate enterprises. We pride ourselves on consistency, thus providing the same level of excellent service for all of our clients. We have established partnerships with several key companies ensuring that we have the ability to provide the best possible IT solutions for our customers, while keeping cost in mind.

KMNR’s expertise ranges from: Routing and Switching, LAN and WAN, Wireless Technologies, Security Technologies including Firewalls, IDS,IPS, and Web Filtering, as well as hardware and software implementation and support. Some of KMNR’s business relationships include:
• Cisco Registered Channel Partner • Cisco SMB Select Partner  
• Ingram-Micro • Meraki  
• InterMedia Cloud Services Hosting Partner • Techdata  

Mission Statement:

"To provide KMNR Customers with the overall best IT experience possible.  To be honest, to work with integrity, to stay on a military time-line, and to effectively accomplish this all in an affordable manner for the Customer."
  • KMNR continues to be a valuable resource to ODEC, providing an extension to our network administration capabilities and backup support when needed. They have also proven to be a reliable and competitive supplier for network equipment. We continue to appreciate the quality and commitment that KMNR makes to ensuring that ODEC is able to meet our expanding network administration needs. Anne Spanos Old Dominion Electric Cooperative VP, Information Technology
  • I use KMNR to update my computer systems to prepare for electronic health records. They were knowledgeable and helped me upgrade my hardware in a cost effective manner. All services have been prompt and excellent. I continue to use KMNR for our IT service maintenance.
    Donald, Board Certified, American Board of Podiatric Medicine
  • Commonwealth Podiatry Associates has been utilizing KMNR for its IT needs since 2003. They helped set up our network involving three remote locations, upgraded our systems numerous times and is maintaining our terminal services Terminal Service operations. They are upgrading our website and providing all necessary support for our computers programs in general. Their service has been prompt and they have shown a true concern for our success. Gary, Manager

About the CEO

Kevin Melton- IT Specialist While working for other reputable but expensive IT Firms in the Richmond area for many years, Kevin Paul Melton - KMNR’s founder, had a vision to create KMNR Network Solutions with a foundation based on listening to the client, meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations, and working within the client's budget.

Kevin started his IT career in the U.S.Navy, and thereafter started his private IT career at Philip Morris. 

"Philip Morris was a great place to start my career. As I started there in 1991 as the industry started shifting from Mainframe systems to Client/Server models. I was fortunate enough to assist transitioning host connected systems to hub connected Systems. We had something then called Token Ring! Philip Morris had heavy Cisco, MAC, LAN, WAN, and was the perfect place to be exposed to many IT environments in their origins. It was an exciting time!”
Websense, Barracuda, Intermedial, Cisco, Meraki