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Server & Desktop SupportServer & Desktop Support
Over the past 15 years, KMNR has built Client Server based systems using PC (Windows) products including Windows NT 4.0, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008, as well as R2. These systems include using Microsoft Active directory and Exchange in order to provide adequate and flexible management of user accounts and e-mail for an organization.

Server & Desktop Support Windows NT | 4.0 Windows Server | 2000 Windows Server | 2003 Exchange 5.5  & 2003 Active Directory Services | Small Business Server
Local Area Networks
KMNR has experience in LAN’s stemming back to the transition from mainframe and UTP technology to the use of hubs at Philip Morris in 1998. Today most businesses are primarily using Ethernet as the form of local access. Over the years KMNR has continued to grow its expertise in LAN’s by implementing Ethernet as the primary form of access for its clients. KMNR can help review your LAN and provide ways to improve your existing system.

Wide Area Networks
In today’s business environments, information sharing is a key component to successful business and is heavily relied upon. A private WAN is the most important piece of an organizations network, and connects all of it's employees and assets in a secure and reliable fashion. KMNR’s experience in WANs began in 1995, and has grown its expertise in designing, configuring, and troubleshooting networks for organizations of all sizes.

T1 | Metro Ethernet | SONET | CSU | DSU | HSSI | Frame Relay | Order Procurement - Planning

Remote Access & VPNRemote Access & VPN
KMNR can provide VPN solutions to customers who are seeking secure remote access solutions of any size. We have experience in providing many types of solutions, including traditional IPSEC, Certificate based, and SSL based products.
Security is the topic on most IT department's radar currently. 
Due to the complex nature of blended threats, each company now must do what it can to educate users on how to protect themselves as well as their company assets in addition to ensuring the network itself and each of its components are ultimately as secure as they can be. KMNR works with Security Standards organizations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI, SANS, and the Center for Internet Security in order to ensure compliancy to these organizations where mandated. KMNR has specific PCI experience and has been involved with the standard since the inception of the 1.0 draft in 2005. KMNR is currently working with Customers to ensure that the PCI 2.0 standard is understood and adhered to.

With the growing need for a mobile workforce, and a high demand for BYOD and the use of a host of personal devices, wireless networks are more in demand than ever before. KMNR is experienced in Cisco and Meraki wireless solutions. We can provide a secure, flexible, reliable wireless solution that not only provides a flexible work alternative for employees, but can also can integrate mobile devices, applications, security and multiple networks into a unified platform.
KMNR Intermedia Cloud SolutionsKMNR Intermedia Cloud Solutions
“Cloud solutions provides users with the ability to access all your data via the Internet simplifying your Hardware and Software requirements into one accessible manageable solution.

KMNR Partnered this Year with InterMedia. Intermedia is the premier provider of cloud services to small and mid-sized businesses. Delivered from Intermedia’s secure data-centers, these services include hosted Microsoft Exchange, VoIP telephony, instant messaging, file management, security, backup, support for the full range of smart-phones and tablets, and more. The company’s proprietary cloud infrastructure assures high reliability, and a certified support team is available around the clock. Intermedia also empowers thousands of partners – including managed service providers and select Fortune 500 companies – to sell cloud services under their own brand. Learn More


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